Establishing a product or service is one thing, but marketing it properly is often another difference

focus in many aspects. We work directly with your custom design and handling any current individual

projects, or work with your individual thoughts for future growth ideas. Overall, it really doesn't matter

if you're just starting out for the first time with your brand new business, or already a well established

company, Our Team can provide you with expert brand identity marketing through a

wide variety of physical designs and social media options.


The overall goal of any organization's marketing strategy is really about sending the right message

to begin with, in the right format, and in the right area to be seen. Our Team researches for

your company goals, your customer base, your strategy, and then we start assisting with

different style test to help determine which are the most effective.



Some basic ideas for each are the following:

Advertizing, Brand Identity, and Marketing

Professional Logo

Website Designs

Website Email Databases

Email Marketing

Search Engine Advertising

Direct Mail - Custom Ad Creating

Banner Advertising

Presentation Material

Radio and TV Advertising



With the results found, shown to you, and once documented, we can further assist in developing media and

marketing plans designed to reach your audience and market your company's identity and brand name. As a

complete full-service network, graphic art design, and advertising company, Carolina Network Designs can help our

clients reach their goals in all aspects of their personal goals.  We offer corporate identity packages including

creating the official corporate logo, shirts, hats, flyers, mass emails, business cards, envelopes, and letter

stationery just to name a few. We also help focus on secondary items such as folded brochures, posters,

CD labels, and custom gift packages for your customer base. With our team's help, we can guarantee

your business will obtain the professional results that it wants.



What Is The Importance Of Your Logo?

It separates the professional from the amateur, it is the foundation of your company's identity,

and helps define trust and feeling in the mind of the viewer. Our graphic designers have a full

understanding and focus of marketing and branding trends. We also strive to understand your

specific visions and goals, and relay this passion in designing your custom brand image.


Logos can be designs for primary business, marketing promotions, and special events.

The final result is a stunning logo that you can show on all marketing items, something

that will be rememberable when seen by all that view it, and that effectively defines

Your Company's overall business image.



To many business owners and organizations look at their marketing budgets as just a

standard normal assessment. But in all honesty, it is not just a simple expense. Often

it should be looked at as a full investment because your company will often fail if you

do not market and get your word out to your potential customer base. This is very

important, but you have to make this the most cost-effective as possible.


There are so many little things that we can assist you with to help your business grow,

while still focusing on your financial growth as well. One of the first options that we

bring to the table is helping you create partnerships with other organizations, merging

different marketing into one. Second, we try to help you get further established in all the

new aspects of social media. Photos and live images are very important, thus obviously

we assist you in all of your different and custom designed graphics to market.


Our next step is to help you setup your email market database. Not only to advertize

new things out, but to also gain feedback from valued customers. We further assist you

with joining local clubs and organizations, all to help you show your commitment to your

local community, and this truly gets your name out to many people in the area. 


We try to help you look at all aspects of your business, and assist you in combining

a overall market strategy that will easily stay within your business or organization's budget