Our Team's focus is on the desire to understand our clients’ businesses first, combined with their current needs,

and also reflecting on their future goals in place. We try to keep a flexible mindset and to demonstrate the

readiness we offer, to make changes as needed, and to provide solutions instantly

if the needs of our clients demand it. In this way we have built many trusted relationships in full.



Many of our clients have needed certain unique projects completed, while others have

requested full operations in every aspect. Below are just a few of our clients' that have requested

to place comments about the services that we have provided for them.




The CND Team has helped us in about every direction imaginable. All of our wine label designs,

photography, clothing designs, hats, visors, gift

packages, website, brochures, rack cards,

advertizing, marketing ideas, etc... and the

list goes on and on. We really value them as

being a "One Stop Shop" for a lot of our needs.


Coastal Carolina Winery


Oasis Shriners


The Carolina Network Design Team has done all types of

work directly for us for over two decades. They have helped

in all aspects of our building, all network wiring installed, computers and software support, security management,

plus our website, emails, and more. You could never ask

for a better group to come help in all aspects.





Genesis Projects 1

Chris and his company have taken care of the IT

needs for our behavioral health agency during our

infancy and as we continue to grow through the

years. They are professional, responsive, and

keep Improving their skills and our systems.

They are a great partner to have in this business

world that is driven by computers, the web, and

privacy protection. We highly recommend them to

others for their personal and business needs.


Great service in about every direction.

I have always relied on them for all my computer

things, and they have helped myself, my employees,

and my family in all items. I count on them as

being just always a phone call away.  


Saye Electric




We really appreciate the professionalism and

 knowledge provided by CND. They have always provided the best return on investment and

total cost of ownership for us.

Friendly and knowledgeable assistance

consistently from their team.


John B. Gouch, DDS


Herbs Honey

Carolina Network Designs is the best company in town

to work with when creating a new image or refreshing

the one that you already have. They are available at

a moments notice and have help me do much research

on my marketing need. They have designed all of my labels

and websites from the beginning, and have serviced

all of my software needs and support. Their Team

is overall just a great group to work with.





Seagrove Pottery Gallery

They really helped us put together a colorful website. They came onsite and took a full

array of pictures, and then custom designed the website exactly the way that we wanted.

We liked them because everything is customized, no templates like so many other people us.

If you want something copyrighted specifically

for you, then give them a call.  



Their Team has helped us in all levels from the ground floor

 before even opening. From installation of our network,

designing our website, system backup file security,

designing all of our wine labels, t-shirts, brochures,

and installing an email database for our visitors and

customers to join. Even traveling to help off-site events,

they have been helpful to work in all aspects. We'll

continue to use them for the dedicated service they provide.


Uwharrie Vineyards




We have contacted CND to help us with our

website, social media, and email security.

We value their customer service, as they

have responded so quickly to every issue

that we had arise. Great service and friendship.



Ham Brothers Welding


Red Fez Shrine Club


We heard great reviews about Carolina Network Designs

from many, and thus contacted them directly in hopes

of getting a new marketing website designed.

Our goal was to really make it colorful with live pictures,

all in advertizing our facility for weddings and events,

plus overall membership in addition.

We couldn't be more happier with the website and designs

that they have done for us. Plus helping us out in

marketing material such as the brochures, rack cards,

and rental contracts they have created for us.

We highly recommend them to others.