In all the years of our business operations throughout the United States, Carolina Network Designs

has witnessed first hand all the different software aspects of each individual business or organization.

One software program works great, while yet still conflicts with another, and problems unforeseen arise.


We work directly with our clients to integrate their personal software needs and projects. We have

had very extensive experience in working directly with financial banks and credit unions, plus

all types of companies and organizations.  Managing our clients current network is our

 primary goal, and while at the same time we provide the option in working directly with the

company's intergraded enhanced 3rd Party providers. In working directly with them, we strive to help

keep the entire network operating at the level that is wanted, needed, and required to succeed.


Our IT Team can setup onsite and remote monitoring scans on your individual network, monitor all

activity, and block access to certain required websites if needed. All documentation would be

recorded and will comply with both the industry guidelines and government regulations.


On-site training can be the perfect solution for new / current employees, or while launching a company's

software system. It can be completely customized for your needs, very affordable, and easily handled.

It can improve the speed and productivity of the business, increase both internal and external

customer relations, and reach the business goals as desired on new expansion and projects.



As many businesses deal with new database programs being installed, software upgrades needed, or while

bringing in new hires, they are often looking for the easiest and best solutions. Our Team can offer a variety

of training classes lead by our certified instructors in a format designed to meet your needs and schedule.


Our technical training can enhance skills, save time and money, and contribute to business

and organizational success. From teambuilding and business writing, to Microsoft® based

applications, and all levels of software upgrades, we can provide educated training to your company.


Our training workshops have gone

beyond the basics to boost productivity

in learning all new software features,

primary functions, and new

enhancements, while also sending

your corporate growth directly to both

your internal and external Intra

and Internet structure.




Now, more than ever, protecting and securing your network system is a top priority

for all commercial businesses and organizations. The global environment, pared with

your internal physical network structure, has changed the way businesses are secured

and how we must make decisions everyday. Carolina Network Designs helps their

clients better focus and prioritize active security management.


System Repairs including hardware and software failures (Hard drive, power supply, etc…).

We replace those parts and return the system back to optimal operation. We assist in

reinstalling, repairing, upgrading or replacing out of date software, plus protect your

company with the removal of viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, etc

We really focus on implementing active and repeating backup solutions.


As all employers know these days, the new, younger, and employed generation can be

and is steadily active in multiple social networks, personal emails, and seek access

to many different websites for numerous things. Downloading non-business related material

is something that can fault not only their individual PCs, but also the companies network

and servers in general. We try to help our clients provide protection for their businesses,

and can provide research on all activity on their internal networks.